Is there a risk of losing all the money in an awkward position?

  • No, you do not lose all the money: the maximum risk even with an aggressive investment strategy does not exceed 25%, and, for example, when a conservative he is not more than 10%.
  • We use the investment (not speculative) strategy and portfolio theory to limit the risks. When the shares are in the portfolio of 20 large international companies such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Gillette, from different sectors, the risk is controlled and managed.

What taxes arise and how to pay for them?

For off-shore / off-shore companies operating taxation chosen jurisdiction, and for individuals - taxation of the country of registration. Our colleagues will advise you or take on the full tax support if you need it.

Is there a risk to lose all the money?

No, all your money remains exclusively in your account in a foreign bank. It can be an account of an individual or offshore/onshore company. You never transfer money between external accounts as often required by other investment management companies. Your money is secured 100% by bank guarantees and bank privacy policy. You have constant complete access to Internet banking and connection to the bank, so you control your capital yourself. For instance, at any time you can give direct instructions to the bank to sell all securities and to transfer money from your brokerage account to current or deposit account(s).

How can I control investments?

We regularly send you reports on investments. Also, at any time, using your Internet banking, you can check the amount in your brokerage account and securities in portfolio and compare this data with the one from our reports. You have constant complete access to your current account with rights for any operations. Due to the agreement, we have access only to the brokerage account, from which we execute securities transactions. The money is transferred from your current account to the brokerage account only per your request to the bank. Only you are able to execute external transactions. We are allowed just to buy and sell securities.

Is there a risk that I will be stuck with securities without enough knowledge to sell them or make informed decisions?

No, such a risk doesn’t exist: even if we end our partnership, you still have connection to the bank and constant complete access to Internet banking. You can give the bank direct instructions to sell all the securities and to transfer money from your brokerage account to your current or deposit account(s). For your absolute confidence, we will also authorize you for this emergency procedure.

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